At Family Smartcare, we’re passionate about impacting and improving the lives of seniors. And we’re looking for purpose-driven individuals interested not only in growing a thriving business but also in serving, to truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Welcome to Family Smartcare!

We look forward to meeting you and to helping you to discover if an adventure in franchise ownership within the growing senior care industry is right for you.

Our Mission

To Impact and Improve the Lives of Our Clients, Our Employees, and the Community in Which We Work.
Everything we do as a company is focused on this vision.

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What Makes Family Smartcare Different?

In the fast-growing home care industry, standing out from the crowd is important. At Family Smartcare, extraordinary care looks very different from traditional home care.

Find out how Family Smartcare franchise owners are changing the way home care is provided.

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What does it take to succeed as a Family Smartcare Franchise Owner?

You might think that it’s necessary to have a healthcare background to succeed as a Family Smartcare franchise owner. Fortunately, that’s not the case.

Franchise owners come from a wide variety of backgrounds. It’s the systems and training we provide at Family Smartcare that provide the common foundation for success in the home care industry.

But there are a few key qualities that we look for in future franchise owners.

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Steps to Franchise Ownership at Family Smartcare

At Family Smartcare, our goal is to ensure that every new Franchise Owner is a great fit within our organization and our franchise system.

That’s why we’ve designed our process to give you plenty of opportunities to learn about us, but also plenty of opportunities for us to get to know you.

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The Franchise Opening Process

The Franchise Opening Process is a series of checklists containing tasks we will assist you with as we count down toward your business launch. It leads up to a week-long training at Family Smartcare University where you learn how to succeed as a Family Smartcare franchise owner.

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Ongoing Coaching & Support

While the week of training at Family Smartcare University lays a solid foundation, the real learning begins when the franchise owner starts applying what they’ve learned.

That’s why the ongoing coaching and support from Family Smartcare is vital to the success of our Franchise owners.

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